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PHP, IOP, Sober living + Supportive housing


Step 1: Transition & Integration

The first step in the program is focused on helping individuals transition from their current state to a new one that supports their mental health goals. This might include detoxification from substances, addressing mental health symptoms, and developing a plan for ongoing care. During this phase, clients will receive individualized support from mental health professionals to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and resources they need to successfully navigate this transition.

Step 2: Consistency

The second step is focused on developing consistent habits and practices that support mental and emotional health. This might include therapy, medication management, group support, and self-care strategies. Consistency is key during this phase, as it allows individuals to build a strong foundation for long-term wellness.

Step 3: Maintenance & After Care

The final step in the program is focused on helping individuals maintain their progress and continue to grow in their mental and emotional health. This might include ongoing therapy, support groups, medication management, and lifestyle changes. It is also important to have a plan for aftercare, as this can help individuals stay on track even after the program has ended.

About us

The team at Menlo Ultimate Recovery Center comprises skilled professionals in the field of Substance Use and Mental Health. Our mission is rooted in a deep commitment to offering a comprehensive treatment program that caters to the unique needs of every individual who seeks our services.


Our focus is on empowering individuals with the resources they need to lead a fulfilling life that is both substance-free and mentally healthy. We take pride in delivering an exceptional treatment experience that equips individuals with the necessary tools for sustained recovery and overall wellness.

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